It's not an Oscar, it's a Devereaux
Hi I'm Stephanie! 19. Tall. Blue-eyed.
NCIS was my show and Tiva is the OTP.
Update: Shipping Tiva from Sunken Ship Cove.
Leverage has taken over my life so watch out for that.
Currently living in Auland and will probably live there for the rest of my life.
A mess of Multi-Fandoms: Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, Under the Dome. Doctor Who (10th doctor).
Little Monster who goes on Gaga blogging sprees.
There might be a little Lana or Marina here and there.
I also enjoy blogging cats 24/7
I like making videos of my face while talking about NCIS. Vlogging, you could say.Izzy's super cool y'all.

"Watch the promo at work," I thought

"Reblog the gifs from the promo," I mumbled to myself as I started crying at work

I’m the stupidest human being alive. Thank you, NCIS and Co. for leaving me a disgusting mess

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